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League of Legends Builds

Learn the Best League of Legends Builds for Each Champion


As you may have seen in my previous and first guide on League of Legends, I promised to talk about 2 very important things: the Masteries (masters) and the Rune Pages (Rune pages). "In addition to adding a comprehensive guide called ¨Todo on", that question about a champion. In this case, Singed: 'The Mad Chemist'.
Master's degrees (Masteries)

Masteries: masteries are 3 branches of skills. Once focused on the champion you will use, you can help enough. These are OFFENSE, DEFENSE, and UTILITY. These have different effects. They can help create more damage, be tougher, faster attack or even ignore a percentage of enemy armor.

There are many possible builds. Therefore, we must be clear as the champion you use, you should use a proper build. The maximum of pages delivered free of charge are 9, but if you want to add more, you should buy them through riot points or influence points, i.e. the IP (game gold/economy) and RT (an equivalent of the "AxesoCash" in loquendoby).

There are several types. Usually, when looking for a guide or something like that, they will specify by champion follows:

DPS: used 21/9/0, i.e. According to the 3 branches that exist to fill; as AD (atack damage or basic attack) DPS and DPS AP (ability power or power of their abilities)
Tank: 9/21/0 is used. In this way, you get great bonus to armor and also enhances the base damage already integrated to the champion.
Support: it may be 9/0/21 or 9-0-21. With any of the 2 forms good bonuses, you can get depends only on the champion. If it will be used as optional master, the DPS side, but, more 'Tank' type.


Runes are a kind of stones with which we fill 4 categories of available spaces, divided by color, inside the page of runes. This is an example of all the boxes we have to complete. Runes can be bought with the gold of game or Riot Points.

The numbers represent the levels that we have to unlock the space. The Tiers are layers of level (or degrees) that we will have to reach to that respective Tier runes. The higher the tier, the more powerful the Rune effects. You can insert 9 runes of each type except for runes type 'Quintessence', which are only 3. In red you see the Marks; in yellow, the Seals; in blue, the Glyphs; and purple, the Quintessence.