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This guide is recommended for novice players who do not yet know the nomenclatures of the game, with the aim of guiding readers in this regard.
Remembering that I'm a player, I am no better than anyone else here, this guide is open to criticism, reviews and accessories and will be constantly updated.

-LANE: Lane is named the place where mínions of 2 times, on maps of LOL is there 3: TOP (the top of the map), MID (middle), and BOTTOM (bottom)

-GANK: Gankar is the Act of killing heroes and hero who meet specifically this function (examples of gankers: Teemo and shaco); usually ganks are carried out in groups and out of its lane, but does not apply to all cases.

-PUSH: Push is the Act of tearing down towers, often confused with Carrier, which will be explained in future (examples of pushers: Master Yi and Twitch).

-CARRIER: Hero with the advance Lane and possibly topple towers, its main function is to push the Lane to the front is at the base of the farm (which will be explained later) or simply on account of its independence in the Lane and can remain without indenting it (examples of carriers: Ashe and Sivir)
ps: also gakam carriers when accompanied by a holder/disabler.

-CASTERS: Casters are heroes that cause a lot of damage with their skills, usually with a very low HP and good at the end of the game (endgame) (examples of casters: Ryze and Veigar)

-SUPORTER: support is the hero who is on Lane to assist your partner to upar, gankar, stay alive and ect, without necessarily perform these functions alone, it just enables the moves to right (examples of surfaces: Kayle and Soraka).

-STARTER: in the middle of a battle in Group (2 x to 5 x 5), it is necessary for someone to eat the fighting advancing and forcing teams to move, either with slows/stuns in area, or with a simple pitch from an opponent in the middle of his team (examples of starters: Malphite and Singed).

-TANKER: tanker is the kind of hero that serves to receive damage without suffering much from this, typically the most starters are tankers or semi-tankers (examples of tankers: Rammus and Amumu)

-DISABLE: disable the hero Act opponent, stuns, slow, silence, blind and etc. ..(examples of disablers: fiddlestick and Morgana)

-LAST HIT: When a minion dies, even you have not caused damage on it, simply you being on the same screen it, you will receive XP, however, you will only receive money when you give the final attack on the minion, regardless of having attacked or not other times (this also happens with ganks and travel).

-FARM: the Act of killing many minions at once, thus earning a lot of money, usually done by carriers and pushers.

-MISS/MIA: Expression used to warn that there is a hero out of your Lane (usually because of a possible trap, or that he returned to pro some reason).

-NUKE: Act to cause damage with skills, often used to harass (which will be explained below).

-HARASS: Act of gradually undermining the hp of your opponent the Lane often to facilitate a gank or simply force a escape from the Lane, leaving only, free to make a push.


-UPLOAD: the Act of gaining levels.

-JUNGLE: Between a Lane and another there is a field full of trees, full of neutrals (which will be explained later).

-NEUTRAL/NEUTS: AI Monsters that are in non-jungle times.

-GRASS: Grass present in different areas of the map when you're inside, you gain the status of invisibility.

-ROAMING: Hero without Lane set, transiting in lanes that require it, usually with a way to do this quickly and effectively (example: twisted fate).

-BUFF: temporary increase of some status acquired from skills or neutrals.

-DEBUFF: the opposite of buff, a temporary decrease of some status.

-GG: short for "Good Game", or "Game Gained", expreção used (cortez to the game was good diser) for when the game is over.

-BG: short for "Bad Game" used to warn that the game was bad.

-BRB: short for "Be Right Back", or jah I.

-CHAMPION: Character you control.

-HERO: Synonym of Champion.

-AFK: "Out Of Keyboard", expreção used for when the person leaves the front of the computer for awhile.

-Quiter: person who comes out in the middle of the game.

-FEED: a person "feeda really" when it dies much leaving his opponent with a lot of money.

-BACK: warning to back off, usually in order to warn a potential trap.

-B: short for back.

-Trap: Trap.

-CARE: Warning to be careful, warning of possible danger.

-OOM: "Out Of Mana", without mana.

-LOM: Low Of Mana "with little mana.

-IAS: "Increased Attack Speed", increased attack speed.

-FTW: "For The Win", For the Victory.

-CC: "Crowd Control", crowd control (which in practice means stun or nuque in area ".

-CD: "Cool Down", recovery time between the skills.

-QQ: Expreção used for "Rage Quiting", why to quit the game just hit ALT + Q + Q.

-BURST: large amounts of damage in a short time.

-FOCUS: focus on a specific Champion in a pvp group.

-RIVER: the river that crosses the 3 lanes in the middle.

-BP: also used as a Pill or Pilling; Act of returning to abase.

-DD: "Direct Damage", skills of single target (a target), that deal damage directly to the enemy.

-SKILLSHOT: skill that follows straight without focus on an alv (as the ult of Ashe).

-Ult: "Ultmate Skill, skill that can only be caught in léveis 6, 11.16.

-AOE: "Area Of Effect", effect on the area.

-SIGILS: Buffs acquired by killing neutrals.